First Post

Hi i’m GIZMO (My pokemon nickname). Anyways, I started this blog to tell you all about pokemon, cheats, how to, info, etc, however mostly on Diamond/Pearl. Right now, I have only beaten 3 gyms, but have all high level pokemon (An Empoleon, Infernape, Torterria, Luxray, Staraptor and Floatzel are the pokemon I mostly use) However, I will have a page about Ruby/Saphire, and a page about Fire Red/Leaf Green. Well, thats about all I can say in my first post

GIZMO :mrgreen:


~ by GIZMO on January 5, 2008.

7 Responses to “First Post”

  1. :mrgreen:

  2. WOOHOO AVATAR! 😎 Mudkip totally PWNs. I chose him in Ruby, and he’s my partner in Mystery Dungeon.

    ~GIZMO :mrgreen:

  3. I wish you could take pictures on a DS.

  4. Nice pokemon pearl owns!! i own infernape, palkia, staraptor, snover, gastrodon and i forgot the last one!!

  5. i beat all 8 gyms on my way TOOOOOOOOOOO THE LEAGUE!! YEAAAAAAAAA

  6. right a new post!!

  7. my bad write new post

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